We are thrilled to announce the inception and public reveal of Raven Canticle Press!

Created by fans of horror and other dark genres of fiction, we are excited focus on bringing those thrilling and terrifying tales to your favorite reading medium.

Let’s talk about our plans! We are sure you want to know what’s going on and why we started this. There’s a lot of small presses out there. What sets us apart?

Our Goals

Raven Canticle Press is designed to be author-focused and friendly, and to take advantage of alternative distribution markets (smaller markets for digital consumption, POD tools, non-major sites), as well as major distribution markets (Amazon, B&N, major bookstores and ebook sites).

We are going to be specializing in dark fantasy, cosmic horror, gothic horror, and dark fantasy, as well as other speculative genres as the stories and themes capture our interest as a publisher (we’re keeping our options open).

You can find our submission form and submission guidelines here: [LINK]

(Our submission guide also contains some basic details about our default operating terms if you have those sorts of questions!)

We’ll be announcing our 2022 slate soon (we have been hard at work behind the scenes!)

Novels and Novellas

First and foremost, we intend to publish a handful of high-quality novels and novellas each year. We have no exacting or set goal, but our guiding principle for our longer form fiction is quality over quantity.

To keep that in mind, we intend to only publish 3-6 novellas or novels each year, with an eye towards the stories that make an impact on the reader.

Valravn and Short Fiction

Our other plan is to curate a yearly magazine of wyrd fiction called VALRAVN. We’re intending to publish this in a magazine format, on a yearly basis (releasing right before Halloween 2022 with our first issue!)

We love the glossy, floppy, fiction magazines and we think its great fun to visit the idea of producing them!

We also plan to publish several anthologies a year, likely using crowdfunding to create the best anthologies we can!

How to find us

You can find our social media and newsletter links and sign-up on the main home page if you just scroll down!


Raven Canticle Press is a specialty press that focuses on limited run and small press cosmic and gothic horror, fantasy, and similar speculative genre fiction. Located in the frozen plains of North Dakota, the creative team behind Raven Canticle Press has years of publishing experience, small business financial management and distribution and logistics experience.

Raven Canticle Press is focused on high-quality fiction and focused content, and as such works with a variety of new technology and delivery methods to provide the very best content to its readers.