We are pleased to be bringing A Precambrian Discourse on Filipassianism by Greek author Hephaestion Christopoulos to you! A philosophical science fiction and horror story, with strong themes of reality, Gnosticism, and esotericism, this gripping novella captured our imagination near immediately. Strong writing, engaging characters, and complex thoughts derived from the horror of the human condition serve to craft a narrative unlike any we’ve read in recent memory.

We absolutely had to work with the author to bring this to you, as we believe this novella really sets the strong tone for what we’re aiming to deliver with Raven Canticle Press.

This novella is due out for release in Q3.


Hephaestion Christopoulos is an editor and translator by profession, and a writer and bassist by passion; therefore, a large part of his life essentially revolves around language and music. He has published two short story collections in Greek and has taken part in several anthologies, while stories of his will also feature in forthcoming German and Turkish anthologies. His writing lies somewhere between speculative fiction and hard realism. This is his first major appearance in English.